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Product Introduction


The synchronous belt drive is composed of an endless belt with equidistant teeth on the inner peripheral surface and wheels with corresponding meshing. It combines the advantages of belt drive, chain drive and gear drive. During transmission, power is transmitted through the meshing of belt teeth with the tooth grooves of the wheel.

Synchronous belt drive has an accurate transmission ratio, no slip, a constant speed ratio, stable transmission, vibration absorption, low noise, and a large transmission ratio range, generally up to 1:10. The allowable linear speed can reach 50M/S, and the transmission power can range from a few watts to a hundred kilowatts. High transmission efficiency, generally up to 98%, compact structure, suitable for multi-axis transmission, no lubrication, no pollution, so it can work normally in places where pollution is not allowed and the working environment is relatively harsh.

This product is widely used in various types of mechanical transmission in various industries such as textiles, machine tools, tobacco, communication cables, light industry, chemical industry, metallurgy, instrumentation, food, mining, petroleum, automobiles and so on.

The timing belt produced by Shenglongwang Company has the advantages of good flexibility, low elongation, high strength, aging resistance, ozone resistance, and crack resistance. It can fully meet the requirements of our customers, and the product performance tends to be at the leading level in China.

Adopted standards: GB11361, GB11362, GB11616, JB/T7512.1, GB11357, GB/T24619, GB/T13487. Comply with "ISO" 5274~1989 standards.


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