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Notes Installation

Notes Installation

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Instructions to installation , maintenance and storage of timing belts

One.How to fix the timing belt and pulleys.

1.Turn down the power, take off the protection guard, and loosen the belts. Move the motor so that the belts are loosen enough to remove the belts. Don’t try to forcefully remove the belt without ease them.

2.Take off the belts and check if they are ultra-weared, if so, there may bi defects on the deign, storage and fixture of the belt drive systems.

3.Choose the proper belts and bi sure that don’t bend them seriously to keep the internal fiber from broken.

4.Clean the contaminations on the belts and pulleys and don’t use corrosive fluid as detergent.

5.Check the parallelism of axial direction lines; be sure that the positive and passive pulleys inosculate with timing belts.


6.Chick the parallelism of axial direction lines; be sure that the positive and passive pulleys inosculate with timing belts.

7.Inspect other PT components, fox example, the condition ,durability and lubrication of bearings and bushings;

8.The tention pulleys should be fixed on the right side;

9.Adjust the distance of postative and passive pulleys so that the belts operated under proper tensility .Push the belt drive with hands and check if the tension is ok. Please note that both tense and loose conditions of the drive will lessen the life of belts and pulleys and also decrease the efficiency;

10.Tighten the motor and other PT components because any looseness will destroy the timing belts;

11.Operate the drive systems and check its moving condition. If there are vibration and noise ,inspect that tension of belts, the parallelism of bearings and the lubrication;

Two. Synchronous belt when installation should pay attention to the following points:

One.Reduce the center distance of belt wheel, such as a tension wheel should be loosen Install belt then adjust center distance when fix center distance transmission Should first remove the pulley, and put the belt on pulley then fix the belt wheel with the shaft

①Installation of synchronous belt, if the center distance between two belt wheel can move, must first short the enter distance of rounds, installed synchronous belt, then make center distance reset. If there is a tension wheel, first let the tension wheel to relax, and then loaded on synchronous belt, and then loaded on tension wheel

②when Belt instal jacket synchronous belt, remember that don't overexert, or pry synchronous belt hardly with screwdrive, in order to prevent the synchronous belt of tensile layer produce appearance become aware of the broken phenomenon. Design pulley, had better choose the structuret that let two roller mov enear, if the structure does not allow, the synchronous belt and belt wheel should loading together to corresponding shaft.

③Control the appropriate initial tension force

④Synchronous belt transmission, the parallel of two belt wheel axis ask more demanding, otherwise the synchronous belt will be off course At work, and even jump out of belt wheel. Axis not parallel will cause uneven pressure, is toothed early wear.

two. support wheeled frame, there must be enough stiffness, otherwise belt wheel in the coded lock running can cause two axis not parallel

Five, the calculation formula all kinds of synchronous belt wheel

the computation of Synchronous belt wheel pitch diameter


Dp = p × Z / ∏

Dp: pitch

Z: number of teeth

∏ : PI

the calculation of synchronous belt wheel outer diameter

De = Dp - 2 δ

Dp: pitch

δ: section co-altitude

the calculation of Synchronous belt wheel center distance and synchronous belt pitch line


L ': approximate belt pitch line l

C: the center distance of two shaft

Dp: large belt wheel pitch

Dp: small belt wheel pitch

The determination of center distance


B= L – 1.57 (Dp + dp)

L: belt pitch line

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