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Slongwang has focused on the production of synchronous belts and wheels for more than 20 years

About Slongwang

Professional timing belt manufacturer

Ningbo Slongwang Synchronous Belt Co,.Ltd. production and distribution of "Slongwang" international standard toothed timing belt and synchronous Pulleys drive products. Including rubber ring belt、Rubber open timing belt、 PU belt、Double sided timing belt、 arc tooth belt、 trapezoidal tooth timing.flat belts、V belts 、rack、toothed plate、locking assemblies and matching belt pulley. There are more than 30 kinds of belt models and 3000 kinds of specifications at present.

Our Products

Specializing in the production of "Slongwang Ace" international standard toothed synchronous belts, synchronous wheels, poly-v belts, wheels and other belt transmission products

Our Advantage

Industry customized transportation solutions and efficient services


Quality Assurance

Slongwang company has sophisticated equipment, standardized manufacturing and processing technology, complete testing equipment, strict enterprise management, and the technical management team is the backbone of domestic early development and development of synchronous belt transmission products, and the workers have rich professional and technical experience.


Technology R & D

Advanced production equipment, modern management methods, and constantly introduce and absorb the latest design concepts and international manufacturing technologies in the same industry at home and abroad



The company has passed ISO9001: 2000 certification, which can guarantee the quality of its products, and has been widely used and recognized by customers in various industries at home and abroad. "Shenglong Ace" has also gained a good reputation among users.


Customer Service

Slongwang Company pursues the traditional virtues of "sincerity, sincerity, honesty and sincerity", advocates high quality and low price, and achieves a win-win situation. Strive to lead the market with better products, more favorable prices, and faster delivery times

Product applications and solutions

Products are widely used in new mechanical belt drives in various industries such as machine tools, textiles, printing, food packaging, home appliances, engraving, wires and cables, instrumentation, petrochemicals, tobacco, communications, etc.

Latest News

Provide competitive industry solutions and efficient services

10 2021-03

What are the aspects to realize the comprehensive expansion of the synchronous belt market space?

The comprehensive expansion of the synchronous belt market space can create rich market economic value, which can help development greatly. It can always solve the overall
10 2021-03

How to calculate the specifications of synchronous pulleys

The number of teeth (or diameter) of the synchronous belt wheel is generally to determine the number of teeth of the small belt wheel first, and then determine the number of teeth of the large wheel
10 2021-03

What aspects need to be involved in the design of the synchronous belt wheel

The breakage and damage of the load-bearing rope of a synchronous belt during operation is a common form of failure. The reason for the failure is that the belt has excessive pulling force on the load-bearing

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